A guide for gift giving etiquettes

gift-giving was initially associated with completely different cultures across the globe as gifts show the affection of the giver toward the receiver. There is a fact that “once a gift-giving tradition has been set, it’s very hard to break that tradition.” As it will go far away through the generations.
Gift-giving sense: It is said that giving the gift is an art, as the giver must have a proper psychological sense while purchasing the gift for anyone. It depends upon age group, occasion, or desires.

1 Should You Give What You Get?

Exchanging gifts is common now-a-days, but it is not always compulsory. People gift to others without expecting any return because gifting is a just thoughtful gesture.

2 Does the value of gift matters?

Obviously not. Some people spend more on gifts to impress Others, but this is an awful thought, a tiny amount spend on gift becomes more valuable if your emotions and wishes are true. (Think about feeling, not amount while buy a gift).

3 Does the value of gift matters?

As we discussed earlier, feelings and emotions are more important than any amount. Gifting expensive item may makes the receiver feels uncomfortable (true experience, trust us). Gifting a small pen with true affection is more valuable than gifting an iPhone for just a show-off.

4 History repeats itself.

Gifting is just like a tradition, once begun, hard to end. So always get ready to gift back, if you receive a gift from anyone, I said, ANYONE.

5 Always think like a receiver

always buy things that your receiver would buy for themselves. (Simple!) just think what gift you would like, (think like a receiver, as which game makes you happy).

6 Just try to spend on others than on yourself

it’s important to look after oneself, remember there are benefits to being more generous to those around you.

7 Gift experience, rather than an item

A gift item will be old someday, but nice gestures or words will never get old, (just a perfect basic gift-giving). You can gift the memories to someone, in form of a coffee mug, boards, pens, or light bulbs, which always be remembered (of course, the receiver will always remember you, always.)

8 Never include a small gift along with a big gift

as often seen, someone is gifting a small tie with a shirt, (obviously matched up), but is it appropriate or fine? Gift-giving basics say, NO, because a small gift with a big one could hurt your impact. It is just like gifting someone a fine bottle of wine, with a plastic cup to drink it! (Humor 😊)

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